Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Be Naughty in Bed

Be Naughty in Bed: 5 ways to be naughty without being a bad girl.

1.Forget lingerie.

Ladies, get your man really hot by showing him how much you love your own body. If you’re not afraid to bare it all, he'll melt like ice on a griddle. Lingerie is for two things only: bachelorette parties and wasting time.

2.Turn it “on” not off.

If the lights are on, your man will be turned on! Men are visual creatures and are turned on by what they can see. I’m not saying they lack imagination, but no matter what you look like, if you’re bedding down with your man he’ll want to see it all. Throw away the night-light and drag out the spot light, tonight your body is the lead act.

3. What’s your name?

Want your love life to sizzle like bacon in a hot greased pan? All you have to do is role-play. Men love games! Put the monopoly board away and try some naughty girl games. Pretend your name is Brenda and you’re new to town. He’ll give you a welcome tour that could make a nun blush.

4. Make it your 9-5.

Instead of letting him do all the work, why not try punching in early and staying late. Men love it when a woman takes control in the bedroom. So don’t worry if you’re working over time, this is one job you’ll love doing.

5. No bed allowed!

Beds are for one thing only, sleeping. Next time you decide to get romantic with your man, try it outside the bedroom. Every guy deserves a little change of scenery, and every naughty girl knows how to change things up. Don’t get stuck in a bedroom rut, take your man by the hand and lead him away from the bed.

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